Get your friends to take a picture
at the same time to capture this
moment in a photo collage.

(The only rule: everybody gets only 5 minutes!)

Create groups such as My Best
Friends or School Buddies and
invite max 20 people to each.

(You can have as many groups as you want.)

Any time you wonder what your
friends are doing right now, just
initiate a synco to the group.

(Everyone will get 5 minutes to respond.)

You take a selfie or pic and add a
short caption; then click go synco.
This kicks off the 5 minute timer.

(Now you are done, you started a synco.)

Your friends get notified to take
their own picture and caption it
within the 5 minute limit.

(They must be in a hurry, time is running out.)

When the time is up, all of you will
get a collage from the incoming
pics imprinted with the exact time.

(You can see what all of you did in that moment.)

Download synco for free
and start making fun memories.