about us

GoSynco was started by a couple of guys who felt out of touch with friends and family after years of being separated by time and geography. Like many others, we tried to keep up with social media feeds but those connections didn’t feel real. We felt the pictures and statuses didn’t match the friends and family we knew. Instead of seeing and knowing about these people who were important to us, we were being shown idealized lifestyles. Too many boats and parties and nights out. Then we realized we were doing it too. We were showing people what we wanted them to see. We had lost the ability to make and maintain real connections. So, we started GoSynco.

GoSynco lets you build groups for those that you want to create memories with. College buddies, close girlfriends, family members, cycling club, whatever. At any time, you can reach out to the group with a “GoSynco” to see what they’re up to at that moment in time. You send a picture with a caption and others in the group have five minutes to respond with their own photo. No time to get the makeup just right. No time to rent a convertible. Just enough time to capture the moment and be real with the people you want to be real with. Synco will gather those photos and put them into a collage then send the collage to everyone in the group. The collage gets stamped with the time, date and group name so you’ll have a record of the moment you just created.

That’s it. It’s that simple. Let’s go GoSynco!